Welcome to the Amazing World of Travel

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I’m a dreamer.  Aren’t we all to one degree or another?  I can’t imagine anyone saying, “I don’t have a dream, a hope, a desire.”  From my earliest memories, traveling the world was my dream.  Something inside me nagged at me, pushed me to see what was around the bend or over that ridge, behind those mountains or beyond the horizon.

From a single lady to a lady with a ring on her finger and eventually two kids in tow, the desire to travel never waned.  Travel had to evolve just as I evolved and my family grew.  With Las Vegas as my home base for the past 27 years, I have not only enjoyed the city’s status as a popular travel destination but have been able to explore what the rest of the world has to offer.

My travel blog pulls from personal journals the intimate impressions experienced while traveling.  The thrill of exploring a different country.  The effort needed to create a great travel experience.  The conflict that arises when traveling with family and friends.  And the solutions needed to get you back on track when things go wrong.

One mindset that has helped make these trips exceptional has been prudence.  My hope is to inspire and assure you that great trips are attainable at every stage of your life.